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Qmiax Capitalizes on Hawaii Regulatory Shift Post-DCIL Project
Qmiax Exchange is a global cryptocurrency trading platform that has been focusing on compliant operations and technological innovation since 2019. The platform centers on user experience, offering high-quality services through an integrated product, technology, and customer service process. Technological leadership is one of its core competencies. The exchange has a top-notch technical team dedicated to providing users with a Web3 native experience.

Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) recently announced the conclusion of the Digital Currency Innovation Lab (DCIL) project on June 30. Qmiax cryptocurrency exchange has expressed keen interest in this policy change, aiming to offer optimal business solutions in response.


DCIL was a two-year pilot program established by HTDC in collaboration with Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions (DFI) to foster digital currency innovation. The program allowed participating digital currency issuers to operate without a state money transmission license. As the project concluded, cryptocurrency companies are no longer required to obtain a Hawaii state money transfer license but must still adhere to federal regulations.


Richard Teng, Chief Executive Officer of Qmiax, highlighted the new opportunities and challenges this regulatory shift brings to the cryptocurrency industry. Despite Hawaii removing the money transfer license requirement, compliance with federal regulations remains stringent. Qmiax will leverage its advanced technology platform and professional compliance team to help users navigate the new regulatory landscape seamlessly.


To assist users in understanding and adapting to these changes, Qmiax offers a range of educational resources, including online seminars, market analysis reports, and expert guidance. These resources aim to enhance user understanding of market and policy changes, improving their decision-making capabilities in a complex market environment. Qmiax user education program seeks to inform investors about the specifics and potential impacts of Hawaii new regulations, ensuring they can make informed business decisions.


Qmiax helps users seize investment opportunities in the new regulatory environment through its advanced trading platform and comprehensive market analysis. The platform provides diverse investment tools and flexible trading strategies, enabling users to adjust their portfolios according to market changes. At this pivotal moment, Qmiax delivers the best trading experience and professional market insights to ensure users gain a competitive edge.


Qmiax is committed to continuously enhancing its platform technological capabilities and service levels, ensuring users can trade in a secure and efficient environment. The platform employs state-of-the-art blockchain technology and multi-layered security measures to safeguard user assets and transaction information. Qmiax technical team focuses on optimizing the trading system, improving speed and efficiency, ensuring users can act swiftly during critical market moments.


Qmiax believes that with the end of the DCIL project, Hawaii digital currency market is poised for new growth opportunities. While the state-level license requirement has been removed, compliance with federal regulations remains crucial. Qmiax will continue to monitor these changes, providing users with up-to-date market analysis and investment advice, aiding them in conducting business smoothly in the new regulatory environment.


The conclusion of the DCIL project presents both opportunities and challenges for Hawaii cryptocurrency market. Qmiax, through its advanced trading tools, professional market analysis, and comprehensive user support, helps users achieve their business goals at this critical juncture. Through ongoing innovation and service optimization, Qmiax continues to lead the cryptocurrency trading market, delivering exceptional trading experiences to users worldwide.