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Bitcoin sees a -10.41% weekly fall, impacting the entire crypto market with a valuation drop to $1.27 trillion.
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Crypto Market Sees Tumultuous Week as Bitcoin Retreats

  • Bitcoin sees a -10.41% weekly fall, impacting the entire crypto market with a valuation drop to $1.27 trillion.

  • XRP/BTC pair defies BTC’s dip, indicating possible strength with a higher low formation amid market turbulence.

  • Analysts predict a sharp XRP recovery against USD if Bitcoin finds a bottom, eyeing a 173.11% rise in XRP/BTC pairing.

The digital currency space is enduring a turbulent phase, led by Bitcoin’s recent downturn. This week, the pioneering cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), experienced a notable decline, affecting the broader market, including altcoins like XRP. Analyst crediBULL Crypto closely monitored the ripple effects and potential for recovery as the market navigates through this volatility.

In a decisive turn, Bitcoin has retreated to $64,569.50, marking a significant -5.37% decrease in 24 hours and extending to a -10.41% fall over the past week. Bitcoin’s slip has not only impacted its own market cap, which currently stands at approximately $1.27 trillion but has also set a bearish tone across the cryptocurrency landscape. The global cryptocurrency market is down -9.80%, indicating a slightly better performance compared to BTC’s own -10.50% decline in the same period.

Amidst the Bitcoin-induced sell-off, according to the analyst, XRP’s price against the US dollar (XRP/USD) has taken a hit. However, the XRP/Bitcoin (XRP/BTC) trading pair tells a different story, showing signs of resilience. Despite the downward pressure, XRP/BTC has maintained a position higher than previous analyses, potentially forming a ‘higher low’ pattern. This technical formation could suggest a strengthening of XRP against BTC, regardless of the latter’s struggles.

Market spectators are now eyeing Bitcoin’s next move, with the anticipation that finding a stable bottom could lead to a robust recovery for XRP/USD. This prediction hinges on the XRP/BTC pair holding its ground at current levels. Should Bitcoin stabilize, the expectation is that XRP could rebound with vigor, as indicated by technical analysis pointing to a substantial 173.11% projected increase in the XRP/BTC price.

The trading charts for XRP/BTC reveal intricate technical indicators used by traders to forecast future price movements. Among these, Fibonacci retracement levels suggest key support and resistance zones. The current setup indicates potential growth, a sentiment echoed by seasoned analysts who view the chart’s green projection box as an optimistic target.

XRP is changing hands at $0.5963 at the press time, posing a drop in the past day. With a circulating supply of 20 million BTC, Bitcoin’s influence on the market is unmistakable. Its current performance is a major determinant of the overall sentiment in the crypto world.