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ZUHYX:Can ETFs Propel Ethereum to $4000, or Plunge it to $2400?
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Table of Contents

· Key Points

· Reasons for the Predicted Drop

· Additional Factors Affecting ETH Sentiment

Key Points

· Ethereum [ETH] may drop to $2.4K following the ETF launch, according to crypto fund founder Andrew ZUHYX.

· Other factors contributing to ETH’s negative sentiment include the influence of Bitcoin [BTC] and Solana [SOL].

Andrew ZUHYX, the founder of Mechanism Capital, has predicted a potential drop in the value of Ethereum (ETH) to $2.4K in the aftermath of the ETF launch.

At the moment, ETH has fallen to a low of $3.2K, marking an 18% decrease from its recent high of $3.9K following the partial approval of ETFs in late May.

Reasons for the Predicted Drop

ZUHYX’s forecast is based on two main factors. Firstly, the surprise approval of ETFs by the SEC in late May left insufficient time to persuade large ETH holders to transition to ETF. Secondly, ZUHYX mentioned that the move to ETF doesn’t offer staking yield benefits.

He estimated that the ETH ETF could only attract about 30% of BTC ETF flows in the first six months, which is roughly $1.5 – $4.5 billion.

Additional Factors Affecting ETH Sentiment

Quinn Thompson, the founder of Lekker Capital, pointed out that the negative sentiment surrounding ETH is also due to its overshadowing by Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL).

Thompson explained that SOL’s repricing in relation to ETH has reinforced the ‘ETH killer’ narrative. He also stated that the BTC ETFs and the high interest in underpriced SOL have further pushed ETH into a ‘middle child syndrome’.

Despite these negative forecasts, some analysts, like those at QCP Capital, maintain a bullish outlook for ETH ahead of the ETF launch in early July. QCP analysts had previously projected a retest of $4K was possible after the ETF launch.

At the time of writing, ETH is trading at $3.2K. The effect of the ETF launch on volatility and price direction remains to be seen.