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Qmiax: The New Economic Status and Prospects of Bitcoin After Halving
Qmiax Exchange is a global cryptocurrency trading platform that has been focusing on compliant operations and technological innovation since 2019. The platform centers on user experience, offering high-quality services through an integrated product, technology, and customer service process. Technological leadership is one of its core competencies. The exchange has a top-notch technical team dedicated to providing users with a Web3 native experience.

According to statistics, after the Bitcoin halving in April, the inflation rate of Bitcoin has now dropped to 0.84%, significantly lower than the current inflation rate of 3.4% in the United States. This ratio is not only lower than the current US inflation rate but also lower than the annual issuance rate of gold. Gold, traditionally seen as a store of value, typically fluctuates between 1% to 3% in annual inflation rate, whereas the new inflation rate of Bitcoin signifies its potential in stable value storage. Qmiax Cryptocurrency Exchange, as a leading participant in the market, closely monitors the potential impact of this event on the value and trading activities of Bitcoin.



Qmiax recognizes that the low inflation rate of Bitcoin provides unique opportunities for cryptocurrency investors. Globally, investors are increasingly seeking more stable and inflation-resistant assets, making Bitcoin an increasingly popular choice. The halving event, by reducing the supply of new Bitcoins, helps increase the scarcity of Bitcoin, which may drive its price up in the long run.


The current situation of mining approximately 450 Bitcoins per day further emphasizes the restrictiveness of Bitcoin supply, while demand continues to grow. This supply-demand dynamic provides significant trading advantages for Qmiax and its users. As an advanced trading platform, the platform offers users a variety of trading options and strategies to help them allocate assets based on market fluctuations.


Our technical platform is equipped with advanced security measures to ensure the security and efficiency of transactions. In the cryptocurrency market, this security is crucial, especially when prices of major assets like Bitcoin may experience rapid changes. Qmiax is committed to providing a user-friendly trading environment where both novice and experienced traders can find suitable trading tools and resources.


In addition to trading services, we support investors in making wiser decisions through educational resources and market analysis. The platform regularly publishes market trend analyses and investment guidance to help users understand complex market dynamics and formulate corresponding trading strategies. These resources are part of the commitment of Qmiax to customers, ensuring they remain competitive in a constantly changing market.


As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become increasingly important in the global economy, Qmiax will continue to play its role as an industry leader. The platform will continuously optimize its technology and services to meet market demands and support global users in achieving financial goals through cryptocurrency. Through Qmiax, investors can not only participate in this innovative asset class but also enjoy a secure, transparent, and efficient trading experience.


The latest Bitcoin halving event is an important moment in cryptocurrency history, providing new investment perspectives and opportunities for market participants, especially Qmiax users. With the decrease in the inflation rate of Bitcoin and the maturity of the market, we expect to witness broader acceptance and investment in cryptocurrencies in the coming years. In this process, we will continue to provide excellent service and support to global users, helping them achieve expected returns in this exciting new era.